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Art overcomes borders! 

    The initial idea of the project emerged at the beginning of 2021 when Karl (Founder of Cabuwazi), Leila and Thibault (Founders of LaMule Cirque e.V.) decided to turn their dream into reality. 



“If the children can't come to us, then we must go to them.” 


    Since June 2021 we are leading circus workshops and organizing performances on the island; we are just as active in Greek schools as with the refugee community.


    We are strong believers in the positive impact and change that circus has for all people, so we make sure that access to our activities is inclusive for everyone- locals and refugees. 


    Having the opportunity to learn circus skills in a safe and playful environment not only strengthens physical abilities and motor skills,  but also social skills and self-esteem, as well as promoting team-work and awareness, enabling people to exchange experiences in a new and positive way. It also offers an alternative approach for self-expression and gives people a space away from their daily realities, or a way to face it and process it in a creative manner!


    In order to reach our different target groups we are collaborating with many different partners:

different NGOs such as, PARÉA Civic Action Center One Happy Family center, Yoga & Sport for refugees, Medical Volunteers International, as well as with schools, kindergartens and local arts foundations (as “Art and Choir

center of Poliana and Poliphonica/ Cantalaloun”).  


    A huge thanks to our partners: LaMule Cirque and  Leave no one behind, for helping us to achieve all that we have achieved, and for giving us the support and confidence to turn our vision into a reality!


... To be continued ... 

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