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Adult Classes

  @ Yoga & Sport for refugees gym

  The Gym of "Yoga & Sport for Refugees" is located very close to the camp and OHF Center; there young adults can practice many different sport activities; the instructors are mainly from the community themselves.

  We, there, offer circus training 2x/week - also planning for spring 2022 to start a trainer training program.

Open Circus training

  @ One Happy Family center

  One Happy Family Center is located directly above the camp and offers work opportunities for many organizations and space as a communication and meeting center for many refugees: we animate the OHF Center daily with our open circus training, laughter and music.


Cooperation with local schools

   @ Mytilini and surrounding


  The local elementary schools show a strong interest in cooperating with Circus Lesvos.

  In addition to the regular open circus training in a school in Mytilini center, we  offer project weeks and project days for schools in the area.

Collaboration with Medical Volunteers International

   @ MVI´s clinic

    We are offering, on a daily base (2x1.5h/day) together with the MVI team (Medical Volunteer International) workshops to kids and youth, bringing to reality the idea of Circus therapy, thanks to the collaboration of our circus pedagogues, MVI therapists and the facilitators team from the community.

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